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A New Economy starts with leaving behind remnants of Feudalism that carried over to today’s capitalistic economy. Profit taking is the culprit of greed and the failure of Capitalism. We can exchange profit taking with value building to save our economy and stop the return of feudalism.

The failure of capitalism will take us back to the days of Feudalism if we do not leave behind greed and profit taking. Profit may have looked different back in medieval times though people that had to work to pay to live on the land were creating profit for the land holders. Giving a portion of produce or crops or offering personal services or protection to the land holder is a form of profit to the person receiving it.

Not much has changed hundreds of years later. We still are giving up a portion of the fruit of our labor to live. Sure we can purchase property though our masters are all around us waiting to take a slice of our earnings. We are now surrounded by vultures.

Though, it does not need to be this way. We all have the ability to earn Universal Incomes that are an inalienable right. We were given Life, Liberty and Property – 100% Fruit of Labor. If we pay each other 100% Earned Property then we can patronize governments with unlimited capital gains windfall taxes. We basically can become legal non-tax payers. This is the real tea party movement on steroids without the racism and bigotry.

We can all tap into the unlimited resource of capital gains that is natural and regenerative in a for-value motivation economy. Though we need to put a value on what we build and produce and will need two financial vehicles we can exchange to create a value equation that rewards people that help build a commercial commons or a Common Corps.

SOCIALMARKET intents to prove that profit taking is unsustainable and inefficient in all aspects of economics and human sociality.

A New Economy is so efficient that it can reward consumers with Living Pensions and collaborators with 100% Fruit of Labor. A New Economy is the only known system to protect and defend Universal Liberties and patronize governments for doing the job they are taxed with upholding.

Most citizens do not know what the purpose of government is or why they pay taxes. SOCIALMARKET intends on changing people’s hearts and minds with history lessons and facts that are universal/inalienable.

This idea is not very new by any means. This all started back in the 1750’s in The Christmas City, PA. There was a Social Market started there by community members that operated a communal society. This society grew fast and evolved over time eventually becoming a Commercial Society that offered shares to members world wide. The society eventually sold off most of their industries and property to members that they themselves became enriched by.

Fast forward to 1869 with the Knights of Labor that formed 50 miles to the south in Philadelphia. This cooperative organisation that grew to protect worker rights tried to evolve back into a worker cooperative society at its peak with 300+ Co-ops with thousands of workers.

We have learned from possibly two of the most extensively documented commercial societies in the world. Add into the mix the Mondragon Corp and we get 266 years of valuable intel on transformative economics. What we have learned is there needs to be a Social Value System in place to value the commercial commons that has/had been built by members.

There is no reason to sell the commercial society for a profit. There is no reason to sell goods or services for a profit. Once a commercial society begins to have profit motivations and operate in a Feudal Capitalist society it will eventually fail or result in for profit motivations and all of its unintended consequences.

If we have learned anything from the wildly huge successes of The Christmas City, the Knight of Labor 300+ Co-ops and Mondragon Corp’s billions in capital value and revenue is we need a Stock Market for Commercial Societies. We need a Social Market to value what we are building. If the Christmas City of the 1700 and 1800’s was valued in today’s dollars it would be worth billions.

If the 300+ co-ops of the Knights of Labor was valued in today’s dollars it too would be worth 10’s of billions. And we know today that Mondragon Corp is worth 10’s of billions of dollars. All three commercial societies if they were all in business today combined would be larger than most companies of today. Each one of these organizations tried to value itself through sales of shares to members.

Where it does injustice to what they are trying to build is using for profit capitalism to create a valuation of their success. This is totally feudal and futile. What they are building is transformative and antithetical to a profit motive. They are building value in everything they cooperate and collaborate on. They are/were trying to make the most efficient system to keep as much of their Fruit of Labor as possible.

They were trying to build the most efficient commercial society for generations to come. Though where each one failed is operating in a for-profit system that does not value what they are building. Each one of these societies if they had a Social Market to correctly place an exchangeable value on commerce would still be around today or have expanded world wide.

Commercial Societies (Commons Corps) need a value equation that is exchangeable or tradeable amongst members and consumers. They need a GIFT Currency (Market Credit) that acts like a tradable/exchangeable gift card. This gift card is used to fundraise raw materials and components to build new products that in turn can be used to purchase goods and services with the same gift card. This dual purpose gift card then can be staked to earn capital gains for the value that they are building through a value equation similar to open value networks. A fourth use of the gift card would be to pay collaborators who want to earn 100% Fruit of Labor. A fifth use of the gift card is creating a pension plan for consumers and members where each purchase is rebated back in gift currency every 120/months. A Sixth benefit is that 100% of the gift card sales go to collaborators proportionally through aggregate historical hours collaborated each month. Example would be $10000 in usd is exchanged for GIFT Currency in a given month. That same month two collaborators contributed 160 hours each to the SOCIALMARKET and each collaborator had 800 historical hours. Each one of the KNIGHTS/Collaborators would receive $5000 each in GIFT Currency that they can:

1.) stake for capital gains,

2.) use to purchase goods/services that they can get back in 100% rebates every 120/months as a living pension

3.) trade/exchange with other members or consumers for cash in a p2p exchange system.

No other known system protects your property more than the SOCIALMARKET. Know where else can you earn 100% Fruit of Labor and pay the least amount of taxes legally. The reason this is so efficient is we have removed profit and all operations are removed from profit motivation. This system is purely capital gainism. This regenerative system is natural unlike for-profit capitalism that extracts profit and is eventually unsustainable. This is Capitalism Evolved. No longer do we have to worry about resorting to Feudal Capitalism as is the case in Russia right now.

We can operate sustainable Social Enterprises. We do not have to pretend to be non-profit corporations that are still at the mercy of a for-profit system. Profit is greed. Remove profit from the system and you will remove greed motivations.

SOCIALMARKET is a commercial society that has learned from the successes and failures of the last 266 years. Can you say that any company or business you have ever worked at or even ran understood the lessons of The Christmas City, the Knights of Labor 300+ Co-ops or Mondragon? Let’s not extract and through out profit with the bathwater. Profit is our baby, profit is our property afforded to us as an inalienable right. Profit is Fruit of Labor and we deserve 100% of it.

Until someone else much smarter than us or technology can afford us a better more efficient means to protect our Universal Liberties we can count on the SOCIALMARKET. We can count on Universal Incomes afforded to us through Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) with ultra low taxes if we pay each other 100% of our earned property.

The Knights of Labor in the beginning tried to be inclusive of business owners as members. Though when the cooperative began organizing workers the business owners revolted first through leaving as members and as history has shown industry fought back at the core of the Knights progress.

The Knights tried to exit the labor organizing movement through opening hundreds of worker co-ops that directly competed with business owners. We all know how that ended up. Knights were from all walks of life. Many of the Knights were farmers and children of farmers and very conservative by today’s standards. Though these Knights understood we need a new economy even back in the 1800’s.

What we have learned is that worker cooperatives are not enough to break the for-profit system that we are subjected to in everyone day life. You can not operate a business in our for-profit capitalist system without complete isolation. You need an impenetrable firewall to separate profit motivation from value building. You need a Social Market to buy, sell, stake, trade, fundraise and earn GIFT Currency for capital gains, products and services.

SOCIALMARKET just created the first financial hedge against the for-profit capitalist system. This is the most predictive system ever created. You lease property to the Commercial Commons and a capital gain is created through the exchange rate of GIFT Currency for staking. Why re-invent the wheel when we can earn capital gains with ultra low taxes from an entirely inefficient economic system. This is Capital Gainism. This is the future way of commerce and business.

As KNIGHTS of the 21st Century we just changed the game. We are no longer at odds with business owners. We are conservative in our endeavors and give opportunity to all people including business owners looking towards alternative investments. Anyone can buy a SOCIALMARKET gift card (GIFT Currency) and stake it for capital gains, or enjoy 100% rebates every 120/months through a living pension. Anyone can protect their Universal Liberties of themselves and their communities. Anyone can now be Spiritually Patriotic, understanding the purpose of government, why we pay taxes and that Universal Liberties are above anything else (Religion, Politics, and Culture.)

We can finally have Genuine Respect for one another… once we leave behind the remnants of Feudalism (Greed-profit taking). We can make more over time through capital gains with ultra low taxes minus the wax and wane of the traditional for-profit stock market.

Join, Know, or Die. Your, Life, Liberty and Property (100% Fruit of Labor) depends on it!