A New Economy starts with leaving behind remnants of Feudalism that carried over to today’s capitalistic economy. Profit taking is the culprit of greed and the failure of Capitalism. We can exchange profit taking with value building to save our economy and stop the return of feudalism.

The failure of capitalism will take us back to the days of Feudalism if we do not leave behind greed and profit taking.

We can all tap into the unlimited resource of capital gains that is natural and regenerative in a for-value motivation economy.

SOCIALMARKET intents to prove the profit taking is unsustainable and inefficienct in all aspects of economics and human sociality.

A New Economy is so efficient that it can reward consumers with Living Pensions and collaborators with 100% Fruit of Labor. A New Economy is this only known system to protect and defend Universal Liberties and patronize governments for doing the job they are taxed with upholding.

Most citizens do not know what the purpose of government is or why they pay taxes. SOCIALMARKET intends on changing peoples hearts of minds with history lessons and facts that are universal/inalienable.